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2011 Award Winners

The Rotary Club of Tucson and the Tucson Classics Car Show Award Winners: 2018 Best in Show Hal Ashton
Hal Ashton
2011 Best in Show
1955 Mercedes 300SL Gull Wing Coupe
Owned by Hal Ashton

The Winner of the 2011 TCCS Best in Show was this 1955Mercedes 500 SL Gull Wing. The gullwing refers to its door opening up to the sky, giving the car a birdlike look. There were only 1400 of these cars manufactured in total. Hale Ashton owns this beautiful piece of machinery. Ashton has a construction company in Tucson, AZ. The Mercedes has been restored to perfection and is constantly touring around the country. They even have a white leather suitcase stored in the car

2011 Sponsor's Choice
1956 Ford Panel Truck
Owned by Dean Cotlow
2011 Supporting Sponsor
James Johns

Awards by Class!

Class 1: Trucks thru 1979 Stock

Wayne Grab, 1940 GMC Cab-Over-Engine Truck

Class 2: Trucks thru 1979 Modified

Dean P. Cotlow, 1956 Ford Panel

Class 3: Foreign/Sport thru 1979

Arnold & Barbara Kraus, 1956 Jaguar XK140MC DHC

Class 4: Foreign/Sport 1980 to present

Kim R. Perkins, 1995 Mini Cabriolet

Class 5: Pre-Classic Era Cars to 1925

Kemp & Eileen Ashburnr, 1903 Olvera Horseless Carriage

Class 6: Classic Era Cars 1925 thru 1948

Albert Grijalva, 1938 Buick

Class 7: Street Rod, Open

Ron & Jo Ann Rice, 1935 Cabriolet

Class 8: Street Rod, T-Bucket

Neil Simpson, 1923 Ford T-Bucket

Class 9: Street Rod, Closed

K.G. & Sharon Fincher, 1938 Ford Sedan

Class 10: Corvettes thru 1982

Fabricio Rivera, 1961 Chevrolet Corvette

Class 11: Corvettes 1983 to present

Susan Gonzales, 2002 Chevrolet Corvette

Class 12: Amer. Sports Cars 1980 to Present

Glenn E Paxton, 1957 Chevrolet Corvette

Class 13: T-Birds 1955 thru 1972

Barb Loving, 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Class 14: Mustangs thru 1973

Fabricio Rivera, 2007 Ford Mustang GT-350 Shelby

Class 14: Chevys, 1955, 1956, 1957

Fabricio Rivera, 2007 Ford Mustang GT-350 Shelby

Class 15: Chevys 1955, 1956, 1957

Doug Clark, 1956 Chevy Nomad

Class 16: Cobras

Brett & Kathy Kleese, 1965 Shelby AC Cobra

Class 17: Special Interest

Ernest Adams, 1949 Dwarf Mercury 2 Door Coupe

Class 18: Replica Cars, Foreign/Domestic

Don E. Singleton, 1927 Bugatti Race Car

Class 19: Pre-1950 Cars, Stock

Nick Chavez, 1948 Nash Cabriolet

Class 20: Pre-1950 Cars, Modified

Nick Chavez, 1946 Nash Ambassador

Class 21: Cars, 1950’s Stock

Thomas Mulligan Sr., 1950 Dodge Wayfarer Roadster

Class 22: Cars, 1950’s Modified

Bob Gietl, 1952 Buick Roadmaster

Class 23: Cars, 1960’s Stock

Bill Davis, 1966 Pontiac GTO

Class 24: Cars, 1960’s Modified

Steve Armstrong, 1967 Pontiac GTO

Class 25: Cars, 1970’s Stock

Roger Dilts, 1970 Dodge Charger

Class 26: Cars, 1970’s Modified

Mark Newhall, 1976 Chevrolet Camaro