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2008 Award Winners

The Rotary Club of Tucson and the Tucson Classics Car Show Award Winners: 2018 Best in Show Joe Whitney
Joe Whitney
2008 Best in Show
1908 Staver
Owned by Joe Whitney

Whitney was afflicted with polio as a child, losing the use of his entire left arm. Battling the odds, Whitney went on to become an electrical engineer, and along the way found a love for old cars. With that love came a fondness for restoring many of them. This very Staver was featured in Hemmings Classic Car Magazine, which is considered by many to be THE American classic car magazine. Sadly, Whitney has since passed away.

2008 Best in Show
1941 Cadillac Coupe
Owned by Jim Harrison

Awards by Class!

Joe Whitney (right) posing on his 1908 Staver

Class 1: Pre-1950 Cars Original

1st Place: Monty & Bessy Ostberg
2nd Place: Marilyn & Virgil Wrubel
3rd Place: Ken Kemp

Class 2: Pre-1950 Cars, Modified/Custom

1st Place: Squeeg & Shari Jerger
2nd Place: Ron Williams
3rd Place: Geno Clark

Class 3: 1950’s Cars, Stock/Original

1st Place: Robert Timmons
2nd Place: Fred & Jan Wedekin
3rd Place: Anthoney Robles

Class 5: Chevy’s, ’55, ’56. ’57

1st Place: Rex Weeks
2nd Place: Donald Jack
3rd Place: Lou & Dee Moore

Class 5: 1960-1970a’s Modified/Custom

1st Place: Rex Weeks
2nd Place: Donald Jack
3rd Place: Lou & Dee Moore

Class 6: 1960’s Cars, Stock/Original

1st Place: Scott Olson
2nd Place: Ken & Elaine Welliver
3rd Place: Keith Ambs

Class 7: 1960’s Cars, Modified/Custom

1st Place: Dan & Laura Pressler
2nd Place: Mark & Jean Allen
3rd Place: Nick Lebano

Class 8: 1970’s Cars, Stock/Original

1st Place: Davis Ryle
2nd Place: Shelann Lockwood
3rd Place: Alex Jacome

Class 9: 1970’s Cars, Modified/Custom

1st Place: Marcel Pontbriand
2nd Place: Marcel Pontbriand
3rd Place: Victor Corrales

Class 10: Pre 1950’s Trucks Stock/Original

1st Place: Wayne Grabb
2nd Place: Fabrizio Rivera
3rd Place: Michael Gizinski

Class 11: Pre 1950’s Trucks, Modified/Custom

1st Place: John P Lewis
2nd Place: Ben & Rose Sanchez
3rd Place: Mike & Heidi Quigley

Class 12: 1950-1979 Trucks, Stock, Original T

1st Place: Richard Gonzales, Bret Fisher
2nd Place: Chip & Sandy Porter
3rd Place: Mario Lluria

Class 13: 1950-1979 Trucks, Modified/Custom

1st Place: Bill Thomas
2nd Place: Josh Martinez
3rd Place: Dan Merrill

Class 14: Pre 1950 Foreign/Sports/Import

1st Place: Don Singleton
2nd Place: Alex Ross
3rd Place: Ken Gasper

Class 15: 1950-1979 Foreign/Sports/Import

1st Place: Gene Rudolf
2nd Place: Herbie Hampton
3rd Place: Larry Maiorano

Class 16: Foreign/Sports/Import after 1979

1st Place: Kim Perkins
2nd Place: Jill Davis-Curtis
3rd Place: Nick Tjalas

Class 17: Corvettes to 1979

1st Place: Dave Sheffield
2nd Place: Gordon Langston
3rd Place: Randy Myers

Class 18: American Sports Cars from 1970

1st Place: Jeannie Garrick
2nd Place: Ray & Cindy Kanoza
3rd Place: Greg Gonzalez

Class 19: Street Rod, Open

1st Place: Doug & Melissa Jerger
2nd Place: Eddie Almada
3rd Place: Mickey Kolussy

Class 20: Street Rod, Closed

1st Place: Jim Chumbler
2nd Place: Mark Strahler
3rd Place: Ken Gerhart

Class 21: 1955-1972 T-Birds

1st Place: Butch Whitman
2nd Place: Craig Danielson
3rd Place: Pat McElroy, Betty Turner

Class 22: Mustangs to 1972

1st Place: James Johns
2nd Place: Ken & Elaine Welliver
3rd Place: John F Prokop

Class 23: Cobras

1st Place: Chris Rhodes
2nd Place: Marv Kea
3rd Place: Clif Rosch

Class 24: Avantis

1st Place: Doug & Karlene Colgan
2nd Place: Ray Wheeler
3rd Place: Denny Lockman

Class 25: Special Interest, Modified/Original

1st Place: Ron “Big Mac” McElwee
2nd Place: Frank Kalbaugh
3rd Place: Tony Kadow