2008 Award Winners

Best In Show by Rotary Club of Tucson – Trophy + $1,000:


Joe H Whitney’s 1908 Staver Best of Show

Sponsors Favorite – Trophy+$500


Jim Harrison’s 1941 Cadillac

Class 1: Pre-1950 Cars Original

1st Place Monty & Bessy Ostberg
2nd Place Marilyn & Virgil Wrubel
3rd Place Ken Kemp

Class 2: Pre-1950 Cars, Modified/Custom


1st Place Squeeg & Shari Jerger
2nd Place Ron Williams
3rd Place Geno Clark

Class 3: 1950’s Cars, Stock/Original

1st Place Robert Timmons
2nd Place Fred & Jan Wedekin
3rd Place Anthoney Robles

Class 5: Chevy’s, ’55, ’56. ’57


1st Place Rex Weeks
2nd Place Donald Jack
3rd Place Lou & Dee Moore

Class 5: 1960-1970’s Modified/Custom

1st Place Rex Weeks
2nd Place Donald Jack
3rd Place Lou & Dee Moore

Class 6: 1960’s Cars, Stock/Original

1st Place Scott Olson
2nd Place Ken & Elaine Welliver
3rd Place Keith Ambs

Class 7: 1960’s Cars, Modified/Custom

1st Place Dan & Laura Pressler
2nd Place Mark & Jean Allen
3rd Place Nick Lebano

Class 8: 1970’s Cars, Stock/Original


1st Place Davis Ryle
2nd Place Shelann Lockwood
3rd Place Alex Jacome

Class 9: 1970’s Cars, Modified/Custom


1st Place Marcel Pontbriand
2nd Place Marcel Pontbriand
3rd Place Victor Corrales

Class 10: Pre 1950’s Trucks Stock/Original


1st Place Wayne Grabb
2nd Place Fabrizio Rivera
3rd Place Michael Gizinski

Class 11: Pre 1950’s Trucks, Modified/Custom


1st Place John P Lewis
2nd Place Ben & Rose Sanchez
3rd Place Mike & Heidi Quigley

Class 12: 1950-1979 Trucks, Stock, Original T


1st Place Richard Gonzales, Bret Fisher
2nd Place Chip & Sandy Porter
3rd Place Mario Lluria

Class 13: 1950-1979 Trucks, Modified/Custom

1st Place Bill Thomas
2nd Place Josh Martinez
3rd Place Dan Merrill

Class 14: Pre 1950 Foreign/Sports/Import


1st Place Don Singleton
2nd Place Alex Ross
3rd Place Ken Gasper

Class 15: 1950-1979 Foreign/Sports/Import


1st Place Gene Rudolf
2nd Place Herbie Hampton
3rd Place Larry Maiorano

Class 16: Foreign/Sports/Import after 1979


1st Place Kim Perkins
2nd Place Jill Davis-Curtis
3rd Place Nick Tjalas

Class 17: Corvettes to 1979


1st Place Dave Sheffield
2nd Place Gordon Langston
3rd Place Randy Myers

Class 18: American Sports Cars from 1970


1st Place Jeannie Garrick
2nd Place Ray & Cindy Kanoza
3rd Place Greg Gonzalez

Class 19: Street Rod, Open


1st Place Doug & Melissa Jerger
2nd Place Eddie Almada
3rd Place Mickey Kolussy

Class 20: Street Rod, Closed


1st Place Jim Chumbler
2nd Place Mark Strahler
3rd Place Ken Gerhart

Class 21: 1955-1972 T-Birds


1st Place Butch Whitman
2nd Place Craig Danielson
3rd Place Pat McElroy, Betty Turner

Class 22: Mustangs to 1972


1st Place James Johns
2nd Place Ken & Elaine Welliver
3rd Place John F Prokop

Class 23: Cobras


1st Place Chris Rhodes
2nd Place Marv Kea
3rd Place Clif Rosch

Class 24: Avantis


1st Place Doug & Karlene Colgan
2nd Place Ray Wheeler
3rd Place Denny Lockman

Class 25: Special Interest, Modified/Original


1st Place Ron “Big Mac” McElwee
2nd Place Frank Kalbaugh
3rd Place Tony Kadow

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